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CAUSTIC RECORDS_New release_CULTURE KULTÜR "Humanity" available on 21/Jan/19

The much-anticipated fifth album of the band constitutes almost a leap of faith. The different emotions that tear the human heart: friendship, violence, intolerance, hope.. seem to perfectly melt with every single electronic rhythm that Culture Kultür subdue to each song. Mid tempos, instrumental pieces, lyrics that will make you cry and of course catchy melodies to dance, because tragedy, my friends, tragedy is something you can dance to.

CORDE OBLIQUE "Mille Anni Che Sto Qui" (vinyl 7" limited to 200) PREORDER NOW !!! RELEASE DATE 10-11-2017

First time for Corde Oblique on vinyl, and first remix for the band! Two unreleased songs: "Itri" was only released in digital, but the Vinyl format gives the chance to listen to the song in the best way ever, featuring the band's main vocalist Annalisa Madonna.

The other song "I Sassi di Matera" is an exclusive remix made by the producer Salvio Vassallo using fragments of recordings the original version's instruments, included in the album "I Maestri del Colore" and featuring the Denitza Seraphim, singer from Irfan.

Songs are very evocative, they are inspired by two medieval towns of southern italy. The title "Mille anni che sto qui" (in english: "I have been living here for a thousand of years") is from a novel by Mariolina Venezia that has been a big inspiration for the composer Riccardo Prencipe, in his songs southern Italy is conceived like a wild-talented woman.

CAUSTIC RECORDS new release DER BLAUE REITER "Contaminated"

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the band's formation, Caustic Records releases this exclusive edition limited to 300 copies, presented in a luxurious collector's box that includes the band's first three albums, booklet and a commemorative metallic pin with Der Blaue Reiter logo.

In addition to everything mentioned previously, the edition has five additional tracks, with parts from old demos, as well as other songs never edited to date, making this edition a true gem for fans of the band. 30 minutes of exclusive extra material !!!!

The first album "Le Paradise Funebre .... L'envers de la Tristesse "has been sold out for years and is a desired collectors item.  The laters " Silencis "and" Nuclear sun "are equally sold out, so this will be the last chance to have these first three works in physical format, presented in this new apocalyptic edition, which will surely mark the end of our days ...



MIEL NOIR "Honey - Beat" OUT NOW!!!!!!

MIEL NOIR "Honey - Beat" NEW album!!!

OUT NOW!!!!!!


CAUSTIC RECORDS new release MIEL NOIR "Honey beat"

The new Miel Noir album HONEY-BEAT will be released via Caustic Records in December 2016.

MIEL NOIR is the project of DIMO DIMOV (known for his work with SVARROGH, ALLERSEELEN, FAHL, STURMPERCHT and more) and MARCEL P. (known for his work with ALLERSEELEN, SAGITTARIUS, FAHL, SVARROGH and more).

The duo is once again aided by GERHARD HALLSTATT of ALLERSEELEN and three female vocalists already known from the last album. In addition to working with MIEL NOIR, FRÄULEIN KÖNIG and LISA have worked with acts like ALLERSEELEN, SAGITTARIUS and FAHL whereas FAY R. and ESTELLA PLUNKETT recently finished recordings for ALLERSEELEN.

The 18-track album covers a number of styles, ranging from dark electro/EBM and minimal electro to martial neoclassic, from rhythmic industrial to melodic darkwave and gothic rock.

After the recognized works "Honey & Ash" (Steinklang Industries, 2011) and "From the Ashes" (Indiestate Distribution, 2015), Caustic Records presents "Honey beat" a work in which the band made an important step including as fundamental part of his compositions Old School EBM and Minimal Electro sounds, making this album heterogeneous and rich in nuances.

HONEY-BEAT includes 3 remix-tracks by INSECT PLASMA, DEADLIGHTS and WINTERHART (the project formed by members of DANCE OF DIE).


Our label bands HAR BELEX and CULTURE KULTÜR will be playing at the 25th edition of Wave Gotik Treffen. From 13th to 16th May 2016, Leipzig (Germany).

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The much-anticipated fifth album of the band constitutes almost a leap of faith. The different ...
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First time for Corde Oblique on vinyl, and first remix for the band! Two unreleased ...
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